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MoneyXL was a project that attempted to break boundaries and bridge sounds together. The logo is a representation of how the entire rap game is rigged and the bottom line is dollar signs.

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Chi or Die

Chi or Die is an upcoming lifestyle brand & blog based out of Chicago. Concept: Incorporate lots of everyday imagery seen on the streets within the logo itself. The line work is reminiscent of the city's iconic architecture & the color palate is based on the flag of Chicago.

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chi or die: Type only

chi or die: BW

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DJ Epilepsy

DJ Epilepsy is an electronic music producer duo from an undisclosed area of the world. Concept: Quite simply, the logo is representative of the disease epilepsy. The typography is all custom and the color palate reflects the loud & uncompromising sound of the group.

DJ epilepsy: Type only

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DJ Epilepsy: symbol

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Glomaha is a dance party and full service wedding DJ company focused on bringing quality music to your event. The look is derivative of a simple neon light, the client was very keen on that aspect. The color palate is an ode to disco music. All type is custom.

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Glomaha: type only

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Glomaha: symbol


Revamp of their old logo with a requested heart background.

Yoshi d

Client wanted an organic, natural look with their branding. The symbol is an abstract form of a "Y" and "D" together.




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High pulp